Provost Bonal Geldem

Sad victim of adventurer hooliganism


Gnome male, short, old, blue eyes, long grey hair, short beard & long mustache all well groomed

Body: two small stab wounds in low back, blood in & around mouth, blood in beard & mustache, blood in & on nose, blood on forehead, blood on ends of hair

Wearing: all high quality material, black pants, white silk shirt, black vest, dark blue jacket, the backs of all of these are stained with blood

Possessions on body: ID papers (Bonal Geldem, Provost, School of Pre-Galifar Studies, Morgrave University), coin purse (10 silver, 2 gold), high quality satchel (inks, quills, 6 sheets of high quality paper, wrapped apple, a small book (3″ × 6″ × 1″, dark brown leather cover with silver threads forming a stylized anvil & hammer in a circle, all pages are blank, paper of a unique quality), monocle;


Provost Bonal Geldem

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