Character Creation Rules

Character Creation.

All characters are made using standard WOD system with the following changes.

1. Choose character role and background.

Each character will have a role assigned to them. Choose a background appropriate to your character’s role.

2. Choose character race.

The following character races, and their modifiers, are available in Eberron.

Changelings: Note that these are not WOD changelings; in Eberron those are called fairies. These changelings are the descendants of humans and doppelgangers.

Changelings get a +3 to disguise rolls (Wits + Subterfuge) and do not need any equipment to disguise themselves. This disguise is considered a non-magical physical change and can be maintained indefinitely. Gender and race can be changed. Warforged and the bestial forms of shifters cannot be mimicked.

Changelings get the Ambidextrous merit free.

Dwarves: free Natural Immunity, Strong Back, and Toxin Resistance merits.

Dwarves are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Mark of Warding.

Elves: free Fast Reflexes (1), Fleet of Foot (1), and Striking Looks (2) merits.

Elves are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Mark of Shadow.

Gnomes: free Tiny, Striking Looks (2), and Fresh Start merits.

Gnomes are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Mark of Scribing.

Half-Elves: 1 free merit point and either Striking Looks (2) or Fast Reflexes (1) and Fleet of Foot (1) merits for free.

Half-Elves are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Mark of Storm or the Mark of Detection.

Half-Orc: free Giant merit.

Half-Orcs are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Mark of Finding.

Halfling: free Tiny, Fast Reflexes (1), Fleet of Foot (1), and Natural Immunity merits.

Halflings are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Mark of Healing or the Mark of Hospitality.

Humans: 2 free merit points.

Humans are a Dragonmarked race who can bear the Marks of Handling, Making, Passage, and Sentinel.

Kalashtar: Descendants of humans who merged with outcast spirits from the Realm of Dreams.

They get free Meditative Mind, Fresh Start, and Psychic Resistance (2) merits.

Kalashtar do not dream; they cannot take any merits or be affected by any magic that relies on dreaming.

Kalashtar can never take the Anti-Psi or Doubting Thomas merits.

Shifter: These are the descendants of humans and lycanthropes.

Shifters gain a free Animal Ken specialty of the animal of their type.

Shifters may shift, as a reaction, into a more bestial form based on what type of lycanthrope they are descended from. The shifter may remain in this form as long as needed; shifting back to normal is an action. Unconscious shifters automatically change back to their normal form.

Shifters must get (1) success on a Resolve+Composure roll to avoid shifting insituations of intense emotional or physical stress.

All shifters do lethal damage with unarmed attacks while in their bestial form; gain the 9 again rule when using Animal Ken on wild animals; gain the 8 again rule when using Animal Ken on wild animals of their type; and lose the 10 again rule on social rolls with people or domesticated animals.

Shifters gain another bestial form advantage based on their type.

Bears add (2) dice to Stamina dice pools.

Wolves add (2) to their Speed.

Panthers triple their Defense when Dodging.

Rats may use the Athletics skill to slip out of bonds and through tight spaces.

Warforged: A race of sentient constructs created and sold by House Cannith as soldiers during the Last War. The Treaty of Thronehold freed all Warforged and shutdown all of the Creation Forges that made them.

Warforged are treated as nonliving objects for the purposes of most game effects. They do not have Health, but instead have Structure equal to Durability + Size. Base Durability is (2) and base size is (5).

Warforged do have minds and souls.

Warforged get the Ambidextrous merit free.

3. Choose class.

Thaumaturge: Ritual Low Magic, also known as Thaumaturgy, is the most common form of magic in Eberron. It can be taught to anybody of sufficient intelligence.

Thus there is a large class of professional magicians, known as magewrights, and the products of low magic are widely available.

Use the Thaumaturge template on page 79 of the Second Sight WOD book to make such a character.

Sorcerer/Psychic: Sorcery, also known as Internal Magic or Innate Low Magic, is a less common form of magic that one must be born with. Sorcerers must learn to control this power least they harm others and burn themselves out. The objects, words and gestures of ritual magic have been found to be the most helpful ways of controlling internal magic.

A psychic, on the other hand, must be both born with the potential and taught to unlock their powers. A psychic power is purely a manifestation of will; no gestures, words or objects are needed. This power is very uncommon outside of the Kalashtar race.

Both sorcerers and psychics use the Psychic merits outlined in chapter two of the Second Sight WOD and both start with four (4) free dots in such merits.

Sorcerers must take a limiting option on each power requiring a focus of either words, gestures or an object to be used. This will give a +1 to the dice pool as other limiting options do.

Psychis may only take limiting options based on mental or emotional state, but they do not need to take any.

Dragon Marked: Dragon Magic, or High Magic, is available only to dragons and the Dragon Marked races. The power of a Dragonmark can be used at will and is not draining to the user, but each Mark can only be used in a limited number of ways based on type and size.

A character with a Dragonmark will gain access to the first attainment of a Legacy from Mage; this will represent a Least Dragonmark. Xp can be saved up and spent to grow the Dragonmark to Lesser and then Greater size corresponding to the 2nd and 3rd attainments of a Legacy. Legacy powers can be mixed, matched and invented to fit the theme of the Dragonmark.

The Least Dragonmark will also come with an appropriate minor merit (1-2 dots) for free.

Specialist: All non-magical characters will fall in this category and will get four (4) free merit points appropriate to their specialty.



Character Creation Rules

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